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What I love about Monstroid-Template Monster Theme

What I love about Monstroid-Template Monster Theme

Back in early October, I received a free license thanks to the lovely people at Template Monster to test out the highly coveted Monstroid theme. I remember when the theme was first released, it had so many awesome features and I was dying to have it. I never purchased in the beginning due to learning that it was built on the cherryframework. I had problems with the framework in the past, but I decided to give this theme a chance. You all know how much I LOVE Divi, so using the Monstroid theme was quite a change for me. It was also a change that was much needed.

MotoPress Page Builder

The page builder comes absolutely free with the theme along with lifetime updates. I for one love this page builder and to know that it’s been included with the theme makes it all more awesome. I do prefer the Divi Page builder, but this is only because their front end page builder is easiest to use out of all the page builders I’ve used, including the visual composer.

gourmetcuisineChild Themes

Monstroid comes with over 15 child themes to choose from. So if you don’t want to start from scratch you have some awesome premade child themes to choose from. I decided to use the 1-click demo installation of the Gourmet Cuisine theme. The installation was quick and loaded without any issues.

Click here to view the Gourmet Cuisine Child Theme

Woocommerce Compatible

Now with Divi, I do love that their framework is woocommerce compatible, but with Monstroid, it’s not just compatible, it’s more efficient. The shop pages look more professional. With Divi, it seems more bulky and requires more fine tuning in the css code to get the theme to blend with anything else.


The Monstroid theme comes with many extensions. This is a good thing and a bad thing. I say this because you don’t want your WordPress theme bulked down with so many plugins. I would recommend that you use only the extensions needed for your site. However, it’s awesome to have access to so many much needed extensions. You will not get this many extensions with the Divi Theme.

Page Speed

I ran into no issues regarding page speed on the Monstroid Theme. The theme code seamless and the pages loaded quickly. The pages also run quite quickly with the Divi Theme, but I’ve noticed some lag from time to time with using Divi’s built in Slider.


While I never filled out one support ticket, I am fully aware of Template Monsters awesome support team. Any questions asked will be answered quickly and sometimes on the spot. The Template Monster team does anything they can do to help you.


I think this is where the Monstroid theme falls short and also why I never made that impulse purchase. For a single license it’s $79.00. That means you can only use the theme on one domain. Each theme installation requires activation. For a Developers license it’s $118.00. With Divi, the price is $69.00-$249. The difference is Divi holds yearly membership and you get access to all of their themes and plugins. For $249 and sometimes heavily discounted, you can get lifetime access to Divi and all of the themes and plugins from Elegant Themes. With Elegant themes, even if you only purchased their $69.00 membership, you get unlimited access. You can install the Divi theme on thousands of domains if you wished.

However, the price for a theme license is fair. If you visit places such as Themeforest, or Creative Market, you’ll end up paying the same amount for access to all of the features you see in Monstriod and probably more. I have also in the past seen the Monstroid theme appear in deal sites such as Appsumo at prices you can’t believe. Keep your eye out for the sales if you need to, they pop in randomly.


My biggest gripe about the Monstroid theme was the activation. When installing the theme, you couldn’t really activate and use any of the features until you put in your license code. Now I understand this, but I found it quite annoying that I had to search for the license code in order to use the theme. Usually most WordPress themes will install without a hitch and you’ll need your license code to receive updates. That was not the case with the Monstroid theme. It’s pretty much locked until you activate your license code.


Overall, I would definitely recommend this theme for developer use. Their child themes are extremely professional and the page builder is very easy to use.

Please click here check out the Monstroid Theme.

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