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Today is the Simathon for the SimsPlayhouse. Today, I’ll be streaming Sims 4 in honor of Simsplayhouse birthday. I’m hoping to get in at least 4-6 hours of game play. I have a couple of clients to work with, plus I’m finishing up on making final tweaks to this site and setting up the last of my pricing tables.

Once my site is 100% complete, then I’ll head over and get to the hard part: SEO. I think I may also host a few giveaways to build up my portfolio. I realize I’ve signed way too many NDA’s over the last two years and now I can’t use the sites I developed as a reference. Need to build my visual portfolio up.

I’ve also opened a new Facebook Fan Page. I have social media promotion, but it’s necessary, so I’m getting back into that as well. Spending my weekend 90% focused on getting my publishing company off the ground and guest posting on several blogs regarding my services.  I have 1-2 clients that I have to work with over the weekend plus it’s Super Bowl weekend, and I’m talking my daughter to the mall Sunday. It’s going to be an insane busy weekend, but overall an exciting one.

Looking forward to getting this passive income flowing regularly so that I can finally relax and just enjoy some me time and spend more quality time with my daughter.

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