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New Design-Thank You Brian Gardner! Also, Sophie’s first day at the waterpark!

New Design-Thank You Brian Gardner! Also, Sophie’s first day at the waterpark!

Now that Summer is winding down, it’s time to update the theme of my website. I was on Facebook as usual and Brain Gardner just so happened to post this lovely child theme into the Genesis Framework Users Group. Of course I downloaded and added my own little touch to it, but I definitely want to say a big THANK YOU! to Brian Gardner for the beautiful design.

Also, I believe I’ve changed my mind about uploading daily SVG file cuts. I suddenly figured out how to make a template in Word to make some printable quote sticker sheets and oh boy have I lost my mind. I’m pretty much stuck on making them, so you’ll probably see a free sticker sheet printable occasionally. Also something I noticed was Pinterest and Instagram are the keys to self-promotion with freebies these days. I’ll be posting there as well.

I’m feeling much better. I finally got some sleep last night finally!!!! I have to work tonight, but this time I’ll be ready. The great part is that I’ll ¬†off tomorrow so it doesn’t matter how hard I work tonight, I’ll get to rest up and catch up with my online work all day tomorrow.

The best thing about my off day was taking Sophie to the waterpark. She had such an awesome time. My grandfather bought her this bathing suit when she was just a few months old. This was her first time wearing it. Of course, she can’t fit it, but she wouldn’t let me leave the house unless she got to wear it. Screamed at me. If you see her belly poking out that’s why lol! It’s too late in the year to buy another one and this is the first and last time she’ll wear it.

I’m just happy she had a great time. Now, I may by her another because I did want to get her some swimming lessons at our neighborhood rec center this winter, but I’m not sure just yet. I’m trying to make sure I can afford the yearly membership.

Here are pics of Sophie’s great day at the park.

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