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Many New Updates

Many New Updates

So, I think I’ve pretty much figured out my plan for 2016. Going to map out my journey to passive income so that I can work less hours and spend more time at home with my daughter. I have many ideas and through the year I’m going to journal everything here on my blog.

Shopify stores:

I’ve actually run a few tests on the shopify platform and it’s been a success. The first site is, where you can get a beautiful looking ebook cover for an affordable price. I’ve already sold 6 covers within the first 30 days, generating $60.00. So, I’ve decided I’m going to keep that shopify store and open two others. The only issue I have with shopify is that shey don’t have many templates that cater to digital sales. Looks like I’m going to have to put in extra work to design my shops.

Blue Dusk Publishing

Launching in March, the goal is to release all 78 of the eBooks I’ve written over the year 2015. Adding another 25-30 short stories to the list during 2016 and I should be able to generate a good amount of passive income this way.


I’ve stated time and time again that I’m quitting etsy due to lack of sales, but with putting in work on my shop, I’m very close to 100 sales. So, I’m going to keep the shop open for now. I’ll list my journey on my etsy shop once I’ve hit 100 sales.


I’m working on some WordPress themes of my own, and I plan to list them for sale on sellfy. I already have a few for sale on etsy, but I don’t promote enough to generate sales.


Oh yes, this is the big one here. Where on earth do I find the time to game? I don’t know, but I do. I have my twitch stream ready to go, and I also have a ton of let’s plays that I plan to upload here for everyone to view. I’ll also be holding giveaways and challenges on my stream and let’s plays so please check them out. I actually plan to do a live stream tonight. 🙂

Video tutorials:

Hopefully this will boost my WordPress Design service. I’m going to make several tutorials on how to design a WordPress site with little to no code. I’m very excited about this, and I’ll be using the genesis framework to do my tutorials.

Life as a stay at home mom:

It’s difficult, but it’s also very rewarding. I love spending time at home with my daughter. I’m also very exciting about sharing my journey raising her. I learn new things daily as a new mom.


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