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Guest Post-Getting Organized for Busy Moms: Balance between Work and Home Duties

Guest Post-Getting Organized for Busy Moms: Balance between Work and Home Duties

The fact that people who manage to somehow find the golden mean in their lives are considered as the most reasonable ones. When you think about it, balance is everything – finding a balance in the relationship with your partner, balance in money spending, as well as making a career and having a personal life are some of the equations we are simply expected to always solve right and not to go to extremes or provoke misunderstandings.


The truth, however, is that finding the balance between our career and family and home duties is the hardest ones, especially for busy moms. Unfortunately, one is always taking advantage in comparison to the other. Personal and family time usually suffers due to the objective need of financial means, but the other way round is also possible and one could be forced not only to put up with their angry boss, but even lose their job.


Such a dilemma is always harder for moms, because they are usually torn apart between their family time, domestic chores and work, and this causes them a lot of stress. In fact, home cleaning and maintenance adds a lot of pressure to their busy working schedule and cause a lot of problems in their families.


Still, it is possible to put an end to the constant struggle for a clean and tidy home by following a few simple rules. Stop tripping into child’s toys, fighting stains that are impossible to clean and feel like you have been born with a mop in your hand. The truth is that most moms are too engaged with a handful of obligations at home and at work, because their schedules are full and they are forced to do a lot of things for a short period of time. In addition, trying to find a balance between their family, job and personal time is not that easy.


Of course, there is no magical formula that will help you, but you can think of a better time management strategy that will allow you to do a lot of things for less time than usual. Here are some tips that may help you in that:


  1. Get more organised


It is amazing how many people are wasting their time in simple things such as finding their keys, looking for the right pair of shoes, etc. Make some time to organise your personal space, because it will save you really a lot of time. Write important things down – this will save you a lot of time wondering what you should have done next.


  1. Clean your home for a few minutes every day


Try to stay on top of the mess in order to control it. Make a habit of spending a few minutes to clean your home every day instead of being forced to clean it all at once. This will actually save you a lot of time, not to mention the fact that your house or apartment will be impeccable in the long term. Make a cleaning schedule and try to get used to it – this will keep you motivated.


  1. Make your cleaning routine simpler


Be more organised and make your cleaning routine simpler in order to save yourself some time. HouseCleaning SW19 suggests to divide your home into areas that are easier to clean instead of cleaning it all at once. Find a way to get rid of the items that you do not need and use any more – this will make you a lot easier, too.


  1. Encourage your kids to help you with the home cleaning chores


Moms can always use an extra pair of hands. So, delegate some of the cleaning chores to the members of your family and encourage them to start helping you more. Of course, you should take into account you kids’ age and give them tasks that they can actually deal with. Otherwise you could be forced to re-do the whole thing once again and lose even more time.


  1. Clean one room at a time


Your home needs cleaning? Start with one room at a time and focus on it instead of wondering how to clean the entire house. Doing this will help you make the domestic cleaning process more manageable.

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