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Free Printable-Watercolor Stickers For Your Planner

Free Printable-Watercolor Stickers For Your Planner

Oh! My daughter just tore another page out of my planner. I’m crying lmao. No literally I’m crying. The one thing she knows I value and she is on a mission to destroy. Yesterday was so bad. My daughter had a terrible diaper rash and I spent most of the day aiding her. She wanted a lot of comfort and based on that rash, I gave her all the attention she needed. I couldn’t get out of bed today until nearly I was just so beat up from that job. It was slow and they still held me there until 1am I was like wtf and they are always complaining about labor overages.

Oh well. The worst part is that tonight is my long night. I work from 8pm to 2am. Friday is one of the busiest nights so I know it will be crazy and I will be annoyed, but I’m drinking plenty of coffee. I want to spend some quality time with my daughter today and I already have my work uniform in the wash and I’ll be switching it to the dryer as soon as I finish this blog post.

Why am I so addicted to YouTube planner videos lately. Oh, and dollar tree hauls. Right now, all I’m dreaming of doing right now is a dollar tree haul and making my own video. You can really get some great stuff if you shop right. I get all of my holiday decor from the dollar tree. I love Halloween especially. I’m going to decorate big time this year. ¬†Also, today I will be building up my portfolio and working on my online shops. I have a few that just sit dormant and quiet. I’ll get a sale 2-3 times a month from them.

So let me end this blog post and get to my baby girl. Here is your free printable. It’s 300dpi and in PDF format. All you need to do is print and cut.

Commercial usage is fine, but please see my policy page for more information.

Hope you enjoy!


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