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Free Printable-Sticker Sheets

Free Printable-Sticker Sheets

I’m slowly getting back into the groove and some more awesome news. I’ve decided to go ahead with building that free printable database it’s going to be pretty massive and a huge project. As of right now, I’m researching the right platform to build the database on. So far, I think I’m going to use shopify. My Etsy shop is going strong, I am still getting daily sales. I’ve temporarily shut down Lovely Design Studio due to the fact that I’m waiting for the beta release of Divi 3.0 so that I can test out the front end page builder. I’m very excited about that. It’s supposed to come out on the 16th and I’m waiting patiently.

Alright, here is the free printable. It’s 300dpi perfect for printing. You’ll need to click on the images to download the full size.

Commercial Usage: Please see my policy page for more information.


DIY_Transparent_FullBox005 DIY_Transparent_FullBox006

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