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Free Printable-Quote Sticker Sheet For All Planners

Free Printable-Quote Sticker Sheet For All Planners

I fell off the map for a few days. I had a ton of orders to fill with my Etsy shop and I was just so, so tired. Plus, my daughter just turned 3. Oh…. No one talks about the terrible 3’s she has been terrible lately lol! Really, I just needed some rest and I definitely needed to figure out the direction I want to take this blog for 2018. What I’m noticing is that a huge amount of my traffic comes from the free printable sticker sheets that I list.  So the plan is to keep it that way. I will upload another vlog in a couple of days to talk more about this.

So on to the free printable. It’s a sticker sheet consisting of 8 quotes. I set it up this way so that it fits in Cricut Machines for those who own one and want to print/cut their own stickers. There is also a pdf file as well as a .png file.

I hope you enjoy. 🙂

Download Here

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