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Free Printable-Planner Sticker Sheets

Free Printable-Planner Sticker Sheets

Another Day, another sticker sheet. I’m actually a bit busy today, but hey what’s new. I’ve been working hard on finishing up my design client projects as well as revamping my entire business as of right now. With the work getting less and less and things actually picking up on Etsy, I’ve decided I’m going to move my business model there and really push and ramp up my marketing. I’m very excited about it. Hopefully if things pick up, I’ll be able to quit my part-time job. I’m also getting back into writing, I wrote out my first outline in two years. I’m over the moon happy about that.

Enough rambling, time for some free printables!

Here is your free printable. It’s 300 dpi, perfect for printing. You’ll need to click on the image in order to download.

Commercial Usage: Please see my policy page for more info.

DIY_Transparent_FullBox009 DIY_Transparent_FullBox010

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