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Free Printable-Planner Sticker Sheet

Free Printable-Planner Sticker Sheet

As August comes to a close and we slowly enter to fall, I’m working on a strong business plan (more than one) with some set goals in mind. First, I’m getting back to writing full swing. I’m going to be working on getting everything ready for January 2017. I do not want to have to worry financially about anything, except my daughters future college tuition! So, you’ll most-likely will be following me on this journey on my blog and I hope you are able to take a few tips away with you as well to empower and help grow your business. I’m going to make a full blog post on my plan.

Anyhoo, let me get you today’s Free Printable. It’s another sticker sheet, but better quality this time. I’m also including a PDF. It’s in 300 dpi, perfect for printing.

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