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Free Printable-Motivational Printable Stickers For Happy Planners

Free Printable-Motivational Printable Stickers For Happy Planners

I’m so busy lately. I barely have the time to blog. I do want to update everyone on the date change for the challenge. Instead of beginning today, it will begin on October 1, 2016. I just need time to collect myself and make sure the last of my clients are serviced before I begin. It seems like things are going beyond the projected completion date with my clients and they want a few more minor changes. Its normal and this happens often before we officially finalize. Work has me somewhat busy. I’m working five days this week. I’m not even going to complain because I have two days off this week to get myself together which is what I definitely plan to do.

I’m very excited about my writing challenge. I can’t wait to start vlogging along with other things. I’m also redesigning my main website ( and I’m hoping to have that uploaded the first week of October. We will see how it goes. I’m so glad I only do this once a year because the work involved with getting your own personal website online is a nightmare lol.

Okay, so here is your free printable. It’s a PDF in 300dpi. All you need to do is print and cut.

Hope you enjoy!


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By Sue Robnett | April 30, 2017
my facebook request is still pending

By Jennifer Hampton | December 14, 2017
Hi Sue, it should be accepted now. Please double check and let me know if you are having issues.

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