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Free Printable-Love Inspired Sticker Sheet for your Happy Planner

Free Printable-Love Inspired Sticker Sheet for your Happy Planner

So, I’m working on my Happy Planner, and long and behold, I stumble upon these lovely stickers. Tonight is short at work, but it still sucks I gotta go in. Anyways, it’s only 4 hours so I should just shut up about it, but man the women at my job literally chew up and spit out each other. There is so much back biting, fighting, and gossiping, it makes me nauseous just knowing I have to go in. Anyways, I’m just going to shut up about that too.

So I guess that’s what inspired me. When I leave work I’m usually asking myself, where is the love? So, I made sure to put some love in these stickers. 🙂

Alright, so here is my free printable for the day. It’s another sticker sheet and it’s for PERSONAL USAGE ONLY. I do not own the images, they are a collection from my Stockunlimited lifetime license.

Please make sure to download the PDF file verses the jpeg for better quality.


Download Your Free Printable Here!

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