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Free Printable-Laundry And Fast Food Sticker Sheet For Your Happy Planner

Free Printable-Laundry And Fast Food Sticker Sheet For Your Happy Planner

Here it is, the time for Christmas Decor has come and let me tell you I don’t have one Christmas Decoration aside from the window decals I put up a while ago. My life has been sort of hectic the last couple of days. Sophie is now better known as the DESTROYER of the house. I just don’t bother to clean until two hours before I have to go into work. Then, I have to draw her bubble bath and make sure she’s clean before I go to work.  Once I’m at work, it’s so busy for the little time I’m there that I just crash when I get home. No time to do some side projects. Thankfully, I’m off Friday & Saturday  and what I’ve started doing is just flat out turning off my cellphone. I do this because folks at my job will call and call on my day off asking me to work. It’s happened 90% of the time since I started. So, I just do what I have to do. I turn off my phone and actually enjoy my off day. No drama, no issue, I just flatline and don’t answer anything.

Lately they are picking up on this, so they have resorted to messaging me via Facebook. Lord have mercy, I just post the night before that I’m going offline for my two nights and I do just that. I turn off my messenger and I don’t answer a thing until it’s time for me to go to work that following day. I really need to just go ahead and quit this part-time job, but the extra money is nice and I’ve actually purchased a cricut and a silhouette to start a new home business. The software on these systems have a heck of a learning curve. As I figure out how to use it, I’m also heading out to get some vinyl that I know I will love.

So, I will probably be working a few more months just to come up with enough investment money to launch my new business. 🙁

Alright, so here is my free printable for the day. It’s another sticker sheet and it’s for PERSONAL USAGE ONLY. I do not own the images, they are a collection from my Stockunlimited lifetime license.

Please make sure to download the PDF file verses the jpeg for better quality.


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