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Free Printable-Inspirational Quote & Chevron Planner Sticker Sheet

Free Printable-Inspirational Quote & Chevron Planner Sticker Sheet

Just a few hours before I have to head into work, I decided to put together this nice planner sticker sheet printable for you. I was actually searching pinterest for some nice quote sticker printables, or some inspirational quotes and 90% of them were all listed on etsy for a small fee. That was very disappointing. I know Etsy is a great place, but I’m breaking my pockets here lol trying to build my own personal dream planner myself. So, I decided to put my skills to work and just start making these myself.  It’s best and cheaper this way. What I plan to do is upload the template in a word document that I used to create my printables and also create a DIY tutorial on how to make them yourself.

The printable is in 300dpi and also in PDF format which is best for printing. I hope you enjoy and those tutorials are coming soon!

You can use this printable commercially, but make sure you see my policy page first. I do require that you donate to my patreon or gofundme page so that I can keep offering free printables.


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