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Free Printable-Get Inspired Quote Planner Sticker Sheets for Erin Condren Planner

Free Printable-Get Inspired Quote Planner Sticker Sheets for Erin Condren Planner

I think things were going just a bit TOO well for me LOL! To say,  I was starting to like my part-time job, only to realize that I may not be able to keep it. I can’t believe it, but they put on the schedule to work for six days. As I fill out my planner, I’m trying to figure out what days I can actually do my web-design work as my part-time job seems to want to over power my work from home. Literally.

Their explanation is that someone quit and they did not have a choice but to force me to work beyond what I agreed. I don’t really feel like looking for another job, but it seems like I won’t have much of a choice. They are cold when you can’t work because you are sick, force you to come in coughing and spitting up green stuff, now this. I guess this isn’t the place for me. I’m sad, but I know that dream part-time job is out there. This one is just too much for me right now. I really only wanted to work a few days a week, not 6-7 days a week. Not sure what’s going on here.

Anyhoo, enough with my drama, let me give you some great news. I received another cover from my publisher which I LOVE so I’m going to post it after the free printable. I also have a HUGE job that I need to get done, but I’m of course slacking around because it’s the holiday. I have to make 3,000 SVG file cuts for a client and have them turned in by Thursday, but I’m going to ask for an extension til Friday/Saturday as that is just torture, especially with my job’s schedule.

Let me get you your free printable.  It’s 300 DPI and in PDF format, perfect for printing.

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Hope you enjoy.


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