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Free Printable-Free Hugs SVG Cut File

Free Printable-Free Hugs SVG Cut File

I’m feeling a bit rested today, so I’m going to brew a pot of coffee, scramble through the kitchen to make dinner plans, and spend some quality time with Sophie. She’s a bit of a mess today and wants a lot of attention. I can understand why. Her parents are always busy, constantly telling her “not now”, or too tired to play with her. So, I’m going to make sure I dedicate some time to her. Right now, as I make this blog post she’s in my room, watching Spongebob. Since we are out of milk, I’m going to pack her in the stroller and take her for a walk to the store to get more. I may stop at my part-time job to get her something to eat, but we will see how I handle the walk.

I’m so out of shape lol!

I’m also going to MAKE time to work on my uploads to the shop. I currently have tons of inventory to upload to The Hungry JPEG and Creative Market. I can’t wait to get my work out there. Plus, my book is going to be released in two days. I’m very excited about that as well.

Just got called into work tonight (today was my off day), but I agreed to come in and work. It’s only for 4 hours so it’s no big deal and some extra dollars in my pocket. Besides, I would have been sitting around during that time watching Let’s Plays (LMAO). I am not productive between 8pm-midnight unless I am at my part-time job. I will go to sleep and then get up at 2am-3am and work.

Here is your free printable.

Here is another SVG file cut as promised and it’s in the following formats: SVG, DXF, PSD, and PNG. If you need any other formats such as PDF or EPS, please contact me.

Commercial usage is fine, but please see my policy page for more information:

Hope you enjoy!


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