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Free Printable-Follow Your Own Star Wall Art

Free Printable-Follow Your Own Star Wall Art

It’s definitely been one of those weeks.  I’m so not in the mood it’s not even funny. Busy trying to get life together and working at home with a toddler is almost IMPOSSIBLE. I’ve worked through it, but it seems the older she gets the harder it becomes. Right now, I can only work when she’s sleeping.  Thankfully, I go in to start my official paperwork for my part-time job tomorrow and I couldn’t be happier about it. At least I know I have a set amount of income coming in. It may not be much, but it’s better than nothing.

Once my daughter starts school (in a few years *sad face*) I’ll be able to put more work into working from home full time. Right now it’s just not happening.

The good thing is that I have returned to Etsy and opened my shop. I’m so happy to be back online doing that. Getting very close to 1,000 listings that is a huge milestone for me. It looks as though most of my traffic is coming from SVG printables, Printable Wall art, Logo Design, and WordPress Themes.

90% of my shop visits are for WordPress. So either I’m going to have to up my game on that or I’m going to be missing out on money.

Which brings me to the free printable for today. It’s called Follow Your Own Star.

Commercial Usage: See my policy page for further details.

Here is the free printable. It’s 8×10 inches in 300 dpi. Perfect for printing. You may want to click on the image to download the full view.


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