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Free Printable-Don’t Wait For Anything Wall Art

Free Printable-Don’t Wait For Anything Wall Art

Boy oh boy life is not easy. Right now, I’m taking up a part-time job. The Web Design industry is so saturated that it’s extremely difficult to pull and keep clients. Right now, I’m clearing out my design queue. I have about 3 clients and then it’s back to nothing. So right now I’m taking up a part time job. My passive income is almost nothing right now so I have to have something coming in the background when there is downtime. With Web Design, there are times when it’s very busy and times when there is almost no business.

Right now, I’m going through the no-business period. This was SOOOO no-existent when Elance was around. I could literally wait until the end of the month, pull about 10 jobs off the site and have money to cover all of my bills by the first of the month. It’s not like that anymore. My repeat clients are starting to slow down with work so that means I don’t get as much work. Sorry for the rant, just needed to clear my mind before I start this job tonight. 🙂

Alright, here is my free printable to today. It’s titled “Don’t Wait For Anything”. Which is what I’m currently doing right now.

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Here is your free printable. The size is 8×10 inches in 300 dpi, perfect for printing. Please make sure that you click the image so you can download in the largest size.


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