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Free Printable-Digital Papers

Free Printable-Digital Papers

Today was not the best day. I ended up getting into it with my boyfriend’s mother. BOUNDARIES! The concept is foreign with her. She is pushy, controlling, and extremely stubborn. Very difficult to deal with. She is an awesome grandmother to my daughter, but her loneliness is what’s making the relationship sour. I really wish I would work things out with her, but as of right now whenever I initiate something she holds a grudge.

You know what theIy say, you can choose your spouse/boyfriend, but you can’t choose your inlaws. I’m praying for better days.

Anyhoo, let me give you my free printable. Today I’m giving out my digital papers. You’ll need to click on the images to download the full size and they are in 300 dpi.

Commercial Usage: Please see my policy page for more info.

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