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Free Printable-Breakfast Inspired Planner Sticker Sheet

Free Printable-Breakfast Inspired Planner Sticker Sheet

Hi All. I have some good news and bad news. The bad news is that I’m postponing my writing challenge until November 1, 2016. I have to make some big life decisions and I did some revamping on my business so that I can make this challenge happen.

I’m a bit bummed out about the entire thing, but with my part-time job just not working for me, there is a strong chance that I may be quitting after the first of the month. That also means that I’m putting in some extra time this month vamping up my business with promotion, and other things and putting extra time into my online shops. Hopefully this all works out and I can officially start my challenge on the 1st, which is also writing month.

The good news, is that I’m putting in extra work into the blog. I’m also very excited and happy to see that I’m now up to 530 Facebook likes. I do appreciate every single follower that I’m getting.

Okay, so here is your free printable. It’s a PDF in 300dpi. All you need to do is print and cut.

Hope you enjoy!


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