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Free Printable-Black & White Stickers for your Planner

Free Printable-Black & White Stickers for your Planner

I am so not feeling today. I am so sleepy and my daughter does not care lol! That part-time job is really starting to get to me. When I sat down with my boyfriend and decided that I would work part-time, that it would only be a few days a week and no more than 24 hours per week. Needless to say this job is not listening to me and they keep scheduling me between 5-6 days and 30 hours per week. I will see what the schedule is looking like this coming Sunday, but I swear if they are pushing me another 6 days I will be quitting there’s no doubt about it. I am utterly exhausted.

I already work from home and I also have a toddler that is DRIVING ME NUTS so I have to make sure I balance that out, and now this job is literally pushing the last of the buttons I have. I just cringe when I’m at that job. I do hope it gets better, but if I do end up quitting and seeking employment elsewhere it would be for the better. I can’t have my blood pressure at the max, it’s already high from the stress of parenthood. I know the terrible twos will pass, but OMG I did not realize the energy and temperament requirements for raising a very active toddler. 🙂

Today, I’ll be reading a Fear Street book by R.L. Stine, which my daughter seems to love. She can’t read the book at all, but she loves it when I read a chapter to her. We are currently on chapter 5 of this book. It calms her down and makes her feel like she’s getting some attention from me. I’ll d whatever I can to get a break lol

Let me get you the free printable. I just put together something quick because I’m just so tired today. It’s 300dpi and in PDF format. All you need to do is print and cut.

Commercial usage is fine, but please make sure that you see my policy page for more information.

Hope you enjoy!


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