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Free Printable-Autumn Ready SVG Cut File

Free Printable-Autumn Ready SVG Cut File

I don’t know about you, but I’m so ready for Fall! For some reason, I HATE summer. I don’t know why, I just do. I love Fall & Winter. I could be the holidays, or just the beauty of the two seasons, but I LOVE IT!

Since I’m playing catch up, I’ll bring you up to speed on a few things. I don’t have a date yet for the release of the Beautiful Sins novels, but they are coming soon. My Part-time job: Yeah it’s not my favorite job, but it’s getting me out of the house for a few hours a couple of days per week. Which is good because if I stay another minute in the house I was going to crack.

While my Freelance business sort of fell into shambles while I was pregnant and after I gave birth to my daughter, things are getting much, much better. I think that not only my postpartum depression played a part, but my lack of tackling the issue played a huge role in the mess making of my business. Now that I have the postpartum under control (I still summer from some anxiety), I am back to work and actually planning my business out a bit better.

That postpartum is no joke ladies.

While I didn’t feel disconnected to my daughter, I was angry with the WORLD! I was mad at my boyfriend for not understanding, and I wasn’t very nice to his mother though her overbearing behavior did not help much. That relationship is another story. `

With my part-time job, the problem was communication and they had a sudden shortage of employees. Two employees quit randomly out of no where. They did apologize to me and I made it clear that I only needed to be there a few days a week. Let’s just say my schedule this week is marvelous and my boss has been understanding.

Let me get you that free printable!

Here is another SVG file cut as promised and it’s in the following formats: SVG, DXF, PSD, and PNG. If you need any other formats such as PDF or EPS, please contact me.

Commercial usage is fine, but please see my policy page for more information:

Hope you enjoy!


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