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Free Printable-Ask Believe Receive Wall Art

Free Printable-Ask Believe Receive Wall Art

Today is Sunday and I don’t know I’m just dreading the day. First of all, the power went out Friday, and wasn’t even restored until yesterday evening. That TOTALLY set me back at day. I ended up at my sister’s apartment, trying to settle my daughter who was frustrated because she was off her routine, and dealing with frustrated clients. I had my laptop with me, but that wasn’t enough. all of my work was located on my hard drive.

Then, when I get home I realize that I have left my wallet at my sisters house. Ugh! I need my wallet tomorrow so that I can fill out tax forms for my new job. Such a stressful freaking weekend.

Finally, the worst of the worst. I am hosted with TMZ VPS ( I’m telling you I have had the worst month possible with them. I just came back and it’s been a nightmare. I can’t leave until the end of the month, but believe me it’s happening. They do have the best service hands down, but their support is limited to 2-3 days response time. They advertise they have 30 minute support. Let me tell you what that means. That means they will respond to your ticket within 30 minutes. A ticket response is nothing more than a transfer to a different department in which you won’t get a response for days. I just had a server move issue with them that has been since resolved, but now I’m waiting for my softcualous license which seems to have disappeared during the move. Worst hosting experience ever. So here I am stuck waiting for this issue to be resolved.

I’m not even going to draft up a rant on that is a nightmare and an entire new blog post in itself.

So, that brings me to this free printable that I’m posting. Since I am having such an awful week, I thought I would post another motivational wall art. It’s all Ask Believe Receive.

Commercial Usage: Please see my policy page for limitations.

Here is the free printable. It’s 8×10 inches in 300dpi, perfect for printing. Please click on the image for full image size.


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