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Free Printable-25 Pizza Stickers for your Happy Planner

Free Printable-25 Pizza Stickers for your Happy Planner

I have finally launched my store. I have some pros and cons however. I decided to go through Storenvy for the launch. The reason being was it was free for unlimited listings and boy do I have a lot of them. Plus, I can use both Stripe and Bitcoin so I’m really happy about that.

The downside is that you can list digital products, but you have to deliver them on your own. Storenvy does not have a digital download system even though they allow it. So I’ll have to deliver manually. They do however, have an app, but when I went to it, they said they were not accepting any customers for digital downloads at this time. Bummer! So I will be delivering manually for now. Which is not a big deal especially since I know sales will be terribly slow until my blog picks up. I do have a lovely sticker sheet to give to you today.

Alright, so here is my free printable for the day. It’s another sticker sheet and it’s for PERSONAL USAGE ONLY. I do not own the images, they are a collection from my Stockunlimited lifetime license.

Please make sure to download the PDF file verses the jpeg for better quality.

Donations are always welcome, but of course not required. Donations help me pay for bandwidth and server usage.  If you’d like to donate, please click the button below.


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