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Free Printable-12 Beautiful Inspired Quotes for your Big Happy Planner

Free Printable-12 Beautiful Inspired Quotes for your Big Happy Planner

Very busy the last few days. That’s all I can say, I’ve been extremely busy. So busy, I’ve had secret thoughts of hiding away jut to get a break. I suppose this is a good thing. I have been making sure I have all of my paper work turned in for the year and preparing to get this new business off the ground.

Also, I will be reopening two Etsy shops on Feb. 1, 2017. The first shop will contain all of my digital downloads (only 100 items) and my second shop will hold my apparel and coffee mugs, which will be hand made. (only 100 items). I won’t list everything on Etsy because it’s too costly, but I’ll list a few thing there and then put a link to my online digital shop which will have thousands of digital items, and my apparel shop will hold probably about 1,000 items which are all handmade.

I have a meeting with my partner soon so that we can sit down and discuss our products along with creating a price list.

Alright, let me get you today’s free printable. It’s dedicated to those who own a Big Happy Planner. If you don’t own one of the many larger happy planners, these stickers may not work for you. I’ll list regular size sticker sheets later this week.

Commercial usage is allowed.

As always, I ask that you please see my commercial usage guidelines page for more information regarding my policies on this.

I hope you enjoy the free printable. 🙂

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