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Free Printable-12 Awesome Stickers for your Big Happy Planner

Free Printable-12 Awesome Stickers for your Big Happy Planner

I believe everyone will get my frustration on this. I mean seriously. Today I went online to get ink for my Cannon printer and OMG the price for the ink was more than I paid for the printer. No way, I’m just going to go ahead and buy another printer. A better one so instead of buying ink for this lousy thing.

The only issue is I have to find a way to recycle the printer I have, or donate it to someone in need.

That’s enough of my ranting for today. I don’t have much to post because I’m very busy working on my stock.

Alright, let me get you today’s free printable. It’s dedicated to those who own a Big Happy Planner. If you don’t own one of the many larger happy planners, these stickers may not work for you. I’ll list regular size sticker sheets later this week.

Commercial usage is allowed.

As always, I ask that you please see my commercial usage guidelines page for more information regarding my policies on this.

I hope you enjoy the free printable. 🙂

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