By registering with JensSVGCutFiles, you agree that any files you download are 100% free for personal usage ONLY.  The freebies downloaded will not be distributed on other sites without a link back to the JensSVGCutFiles website. No files will be redistributed or sold digitally for any reason. You agree that designs downloaded are sole property of JensSVGCutFiles.  You may use the files for personal usage to make items to distribute as gifts, or make for yourself.  If you decide you’d like to sell products you’ve created with files from JensSVGCutFiles, you will come back to purchase a commercial license.

Contact Forms

Contact request forms are answered within 24-48 hours. During weekends, holidays, or any unforeseen circumstances, reply times may take longer. If emergency support is needed, you may call the number listed (734-589-3013) and leave a message for a call back. Return calls are made during regular business hours Monday-Friday.

Custom Requests

Request forms are absolutely free, and filled within the other received. Free custom designs are made during the free time of design staff and that time is limited. If filling out the custom request form, we ask that you please be patient. I may take up to 7 days for your request to be filled. We reserve the right to reject custom designs for any reason. If rejected you will be notified.

We do not create/sell any Disney, Warner Bros, Nickelodeon, etc SVGs/Sticker Printables whatsoever. If you request this, we will reject, due to copyright restrictions.

Printable Sticker Limitations

Most of the sticker printable are for personal usage ONLY.  We use stock images in most and are limited to personal usage only.

Trademark Infringement

We try to watch for copyrighted/trademark phrases, but sometimes they slip through the cracks. There are times that phrases receive a pending trademark application. With a pending trademark application, you may still continue to use the design until the phrase is provided with a trademark registration number. Once that is provided, you will need to remove the material. Please contact us if you run into issues with trademarked phrases on our site. We will be happy to assist you. We make trademark infringement our top priority.

Please also be aware, that if the trademarked phrase is limited to one area, such as apparel or coffee mugs, you may still be able to use the trademarked design in other areas that are not trademarked. Please contact us if you have questions about this.


We keep the database a friendly place and appreciate if you would do the same. We do not tolerate any bullying against our staff, or against our customers/fans on our pages/groups. If you are found in violation, you will be banned from all of our platforms.

Refund policy:

Due to the nature of our projects, we do not offer refunds on our commercial licenses. If you run into any issues whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us. Support on our files are guaranteed for a lifetime.

License Policy:

You agree to abide by our Personal, Commercial, Bulk Commercial, Corporate, and Terms of Use while using our site along with our site files. Any violations in this agreement will be grounds for permanent banning of your IP address.

This customer agreement is subject to change at anytime. Updates to this agreement will be dated and time during each update.