Commercial License

June 9, 2018

All files are 100% free for personal usage only! If you wish to use the files on commercial based products, please make sure to purchase a commercial license. If you are interested in using many items for commercial usage, please make sure to check out my “Bulk Commercial License”.



Commercial Usage allows:


Commercial Usage doesn’t allow:

Resell or redistribute the original digital file in any format or in any manner.

Use the files to create digital clipar, scrapbook materials, collage sheets, or any digital product for sale.

Use the files in creation of stamps, fabric, or any other large-scale creations.

Modify the original design to sell your own digital file.

Claim any Jennifer Hampton digital files as your own.

Produce more than 250,000 items in total with the design. Larger commercial licenses are available. Please contact me if you need a larger license. If you’d like to use any of my files for mass production, please email me at

Giveaway the file as a freebie on a website, blog, newsletter, etc. (However, you may list the design on your blog so long as you link back here for the original download.)

No uploading to Zazzle, Spreadshirt, Cafepress, Amazon Merch, or any other POD (Print On Demand) platform with a basic Commercial License. If you plan to use with POD platforms, you much also purchase a Corporate License.


Basically, unlimited means you can use the file as much as you’d like so long as it’s not massed produced, claimed as your own, or used on any print on demand platform unless a Corporate License is purchased.