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Reached 100 Sales on Etsy

Reached 100 Sales on Etsy

I’m not sure how I managed to pull it off, but I did it. I set a goal in January that if I did not reach 100 sales by February first, I was closing my etsy shop down for good. Well, as of Feb 1, I am at 109 sales! I started out at 60 sales in January and it took me two years to get that 60 sales.

Here are some things I did in January to gain those 49 sales.

  • Etsy Teams: It was a pain in the ass to play those etsy promotion games. I joined about 10 teams and I also joined some promotion facebook groups. I played the games just about every day. Games like post one product then favorite five, favorite five shops above you, etc. It was exhausting.
  • Gained 200 favorites (There is a rumor or urban legend if you can get over 200 shop favorites you rise in ranks in the SEO of Etsy search). That rumor may or may not be true. However, this may be the explanation as to why I gained so many sales in just 30 days.
  • SEO. I revamped all of my titles and tags.
  • Add more products. During January, I worked hard to build more products for my shop. I have just over 617 products that I sell on my etsy shop.

Want to see my shop?

Looks like Free Printables is going to be open for another year.

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Leaving Upwork!

Leaving Upwork!

It’s official. I’ve made the decision to leave the Upwork platform, it’s just not for me. I did merge over from Elance, and landed a few jobs, but I just cannot handle starting from scratch. There’s one thing Upwork has more than Elance and any other platform: Low balling job offers. Unfortunately, I cannot work 5-6 hour jobs for $5.00. Not only that, once escrow is released, I have to wait an additional 6 days to get my money. I’m sure as time goes, Upwork will become a better platform and then I may just consider returning. Until then, no no no no no! It’s not for me. I’m leaving my profile up so that others can view my references, but you will not find me there. I don’t even sign into Upwork anymore.

The best way to reach me is here on my blog. I’ve updated my packages as well. You can also find me. Check the footer of this page for my skype information.

I’ve been relying on a platform to gain clients for far too long. It’s time for me to stop being afraid and start a new chapter, gaining clients myself. Not only will I make more money, but I’ll be able to take charge of my life, not restricted to the policies of Elance and Upwork. This is my journey as a Freelancer who has worked on both platforms since April 2011. I will blog about my progress.

I’ve finally opened up the Hire Me section on my site, where you can purchase packages of my services. I’m currently using invoicing through Freshbooks, accepting Paypal payments and credit card payments.

I’m also stream on twitch. I’ll probably be offline from twitch for about a week or so, only due to upgrading my computer so that I can stream better. Working on screen cast tutorials to help drive more traffic here as well. I’m excited about taking this new leap and I hope those who are interested in working from home are able to take notes and apply them to their own journey.

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