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How To Make Your Own Planner Sticker Kits-Free Sticker Kit Printable Included

How To Make Your Own Planner Sticker Kits-Free Sticker Kit Printable Included

I’m sorry I haven’t posted to the blog in a few weeks. I have been online with a bad case of the flu. It literally shut me down for almost two weeks. Very hard to get over this sickness. Now, I’m finally starting to feel better and now I must play catch up on the blog.

Today I want to share with you a video on how I make some of my sticker kits. I’m actually using the Big Happy Planner PSD Sticker Template in this video. Remember, this template is 100% free to download here:

Free BIG Happy Planner PSD Template Perfect for Cricut Users

I wanted to share with you some of the wonderful things you can do with this blank template. Here is the first video. I plan to produce more tutorials on how this works.


Download the Sticker Kit for Free here:

Buy The Sticker Kit from my Etsy Shop


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Sorry I’ve been offline, but I’m back now! Update video

Sorry I’ve been offline, but I’m back now! Update video


I’ve been off my blog for over 3 months now and I’m so sorry about that. It all started with my T-shirt business at JenshandmadeCo. As most of us all know, 90% of Etsy startups don’t get their first sale until 2-4 months after opening. That certainly was not the case with me. I ended up getting daily sales and my orders were about 1-3 t-shirts per order. I have been extremely busy, working 18 hour days, not to mention I still have my part-time job, plus I have returned back to UpWork for full-time work.  I’ve reached the point of exhaustion, but my hard work has paid off. Sadly, I had to neglect my blog and daily freebies to reach my goal. However, the good news is that my life is getting back on track and I’m in a very happy place. I’ll be putting in my two-week notice to my part-time job so that I can dedicate my time to my Two Etsy shops, building my brand, and getting back to a Top Rated Freelancer on UpWork.  Also, My Etsy shop for my SVG Cut Files is open, but I have not put much work into that, but I will be making updates to the shop today and tomorrow.



I will be going back from today 4/16/2017, to January 12, 2017 and updating with a blog post, giving you daily free printables. They will be mostly sticker sheets and SVG Cut Files. I will also be accepting everyone who has requested to join my Facebook group and updating the files section there. Jens SVG Cut Files Database may not open for another week or two, because I don’t know what my work schedule is for my part-time job. I’m supposed to be cut down to two days a week, but I don’t think that’s going to happen right away. I will find out by tomorrow.

A couple of links I want to leave you with along with my update video.

I have a branded website coming soon for my T-shirt business

My Etsy Shop for JenshandmadeCo.

Jens SVG Cut Files Etsy Shop

Jens SVG Cut Files Branded Database

My UpWork Profile

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Impressions of the Daily Goodie Box

Impressions of the Daily Goodie Box

I received an offer last month to participate in a the Daily Goodie Box program.  It’s an awesome company that sends out daily free samples packed in a awesome Goodie Box from different companies. At first, I thought about putting it on the back burner, but decided to go ahead and give it a try. Turns out, it was awesome. It’s very easy to sign up, and when you are selected to receive a Goodie Box, you pay absolutely nothing. The box was shipped to me via Priority Mail, and arrived quickly.

When I opened the box, I was surprised to see so many awesome goods inside.

Opening the box, there was a lovely letter inside, letting me know there was a variety of sample products, as well as full sized products. You also have the option of leaving a review of each product within your Goodie Box account and there’s no pressure to do so.

The first treat in the box was the sea salt popcorn. It was packaged in a nice sized bag and It was organic. I ended up sharing the popcorn with my daughter and we were both hooked! Also what I loved about it was the low calorie count and it was manufactured in the USA.

The Chai Tea! This was a full size supply, that I believe I’ll be working on for a while. I usually only drink the Tazo Chai brand, but this definitely was an awesome alternative. I did switch up the instructions, using milk instead of water, which gave a better taste.

Energy Gum: I had never heard of such a thing. What I decided to do was wait until I had an exhausting day to try this gum. I was also actually out of gum at that particular moment and you would not believe the caffeine kick I got from it. I was pleasantly surprise. This is much better than an energy drink, and I was very happy with the taste.

I never gave this product a try because I am allergic to Mushrooms, but it came in a very nice size package.

One of my favorite products in the box. This was an awesome peanut butter bar. Came in a full size bar, and I literally had the nerve to pout when I finished the bar. Thankfully, I was able to sneak away to eat it so I didn’t have to share with my daughter. 🙂

I’m not a fan of the lip gloss, but I just don’t like lip gloss at all which is why I never gave this product a try. I ended up giving the bottle away, but I was pleasantly surprised at this was also a full size bottle and not a sample. I’m still looking for the samples lol everything is full size so far.

Ah ha, here’s a sample. The energy boosted flavored drinks tasted great! I added water and drank them when I needed a boost. They taste was great. I’m definitely going to hunt this company down for  a full supply.

Finally, we have arrived to my favorite product that came in the Goodie Box. OMG this was the absolute best. The Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies. These cookies came in a full size bag and I decided to make a project out of this with my daughter. Her first cookie bake. The cookies had a strange taste to start, but that was simply because I am not used to organic cookies. My daughter loved them so much I had to hunt down the company and actually buy another batch. It was delicious.

Savi Crisp. While I didn’t not actually taste the bar, I was surprised to see that it was another product in the box that was full sized and not a sample. It was also in my favorite flavor, chocolate.

Organic Skin food. I have not given this product a try, but I love skin care products. I was very happy to see this in my box. This was the second and final “sample” in the box. Everything else came full size to my surprise.

The lovely box also came with coupons and business cards to where you could obtain the products. I’m a huge fan of Miss Jones cookies now and will be purchasing more cookies in the future.


All in all, I’m highly impressed with the Daily Goodie Box. They also hand out free boxes daily on the Facebook Page and they are very active with their fans. I’ve been following and have seen them personally hand out 20 free Goodie Boxes randomly to their fan base in one day! That is awesome!

If you are interested in participating in the program, it is no charge at all. I highly recommend you give them a try. I’ll include links at the bottom for you to check out.

Daily Goodie Box Website:

Daily Goodie Box Facebook Page

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90 Day Challenge: Day 6- Dinner With The Devil

90 Day Challenge: Day 6- Dinner With The Devil

I’m exhausted, but I am happy that I could kick out 3k words today. I’m hoping that sometime next week I can get the insanity down and actually get some work done. Finally feeling a bit better, but I am behind approximately 1 week in my writing. So, it looks like I’ll be making up for that by posting some of my artwork all of next week. I was just too sick to get any writing done, plus I don’t know but it seems like my daughter was also extra difficult to deal with while I was sick which made it even more difficult to get some work done.

Alright, so the title of this story is called Dinner With The Devil. The story sort of goes with the title.

Synopsis: Cassie, a young high school teacher makes up for her single lonely life by burying herself in her work. She’s devastated and lost her trust in men, due to the infidelity of her ex. When her best friend Alley encourages her to move on, Cassie decides on impulse to take up an offer to date someone online. When she meets Caleb, he’s everything in more. However, Cassie is completely unaware that she has a dinner date with a Vampire.



I will post links when the story goes live.

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90 Day Writing Challenge: Day 4-The Mail Ordered Bride

90 Day Writing Challenge: Day 4-The Mail Ordered Bride

Today was a victory, but I’m disappointed in my word count. I was really hoping for at least 5,000 words, but I was just too exhausted. My daughter seems to be going through some sort of phase and I have to say it’s really driving me nuts. I can’t wait until she can start school. I can manage with 5 hours of alone time 3-4 days a week, but right now I’m not even getting that. Oh well, let me stop complaining.

So, this story actually took me two days to write. Two days to write a 3k short story. That is pitiful in my book. Still a success that I was able to get it done. A problem I’m having right now is that I’m fighting a very bad cold for the second time this year.  The story is called The Mail Ordered Bride, though I don’t think the title fits.

Synopsis: Stuck with the burden to take care of her family, Emily must marry a man she doesn’t love. Daniel Copperstone; she’s known him her entire life, but has no interest in him whatsoever. However, Emily is more than willing to honor her duty and marry Daniel to take care of her family. When she finally gets to know Daniel personally, she’s instantly swept off her feet. However, Daniel’s family has deep dark secrets of their own and it leave Emily wondering if it’s another burden she can carry.


I will post links once the story goes live.

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90 Day Writing Challenge Day 3: Marked

90 Day Writing Challenge Day 3: Marked

So, I will say this is already starting out difficult. Trying to kick out 3,000 words with a toddler is challenging alone. I didn’t even factor in all the annoying text messages I keep getting from people and phone calls. I swear, people expect me to respond immediately and if I don’t because I’m doing something else–

Let the meltdowns begin!

Why is it so difficult to set boundaries with people? Let me go ahead and put this out there: You’ll probably get a few rant-based short stories because of the issues surrounding my life at the moment.

I was able to kick out this short story. It’s only 3,000 words which I’m somewhat disappointed about. The story is called Marked.

Synopsis: Due to a scandal, Laura and her family move from their lavish lifestyle in New York City, to the small town of Hell, Michigan. From the moment they arrive, Laura notices something odd about the town. When the town curfew arrives, Laura quickly learns that all is not as it seems and just like the scandal, she has a part to play in this town as well.


I will post links when it goes live.


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90 Day Writing Challenge-Day 2: Pen Pals

90 Day Writing Challenge-Day 2: Pen Pals

So I had somewhat of a difficult time today getting this story out. I could only squeeze out 3,00o + words, but that was mostly because I am still sick. Goodness, I really wish I could kick this cold. There is one thing I never considered. The publishing times that it would take to actually get the books formatted properly and uploaded to the distributors. Man, getting back into this really makes me feel rusty lol.

I’d like to present this quick short read. I’m calling it Pen Pals. It’s an odd title for a Werewolf short story, but I’m following a list of titles I drew up back in 2014.

Synopsis: Erica’s going through a difficult transition. When her best friend Mable is sent off to rehab, she must learn to live without her. Deciding to bury herself in her small business, Erica soon encounters a strange Pen Pal at random. When her Pen Pal’s online efforts do not work, the Pen Pal decides to take other methods of reaching out to her. Erica has a destiny and it goes far beyond what she knows.  

Here is the cover below. I’ll post the links to where you can download and read the stories once they are live. I’m praying I can squeeze out at least 5k-10k words tomorrow, especially since I don’t have much going on other than doing my daughters hair.



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90 Day Writing Challenge-Day 1: The Confession

90 Day Writing Challenge-Day 1: The Confession

Okay so as a rule of thumb, I’ll be writing under two different names. The first name is under Jen Hampton, which will contain my fictional less raunchy stories, and the other will be Jenna James, which will contain all of my erotic stories.

During this 90 day challenge I’m going to be writing whatever pops in my head. If it’s a cute children’s story I’m going to write it. A suspenseful paranormal teen romance, I’m not going to spare it. If it’s a raunchy hot steamy erotic short, I’m going all in. I will make sure I have disclaimers for everything so that you don’t end up reading something you don’t want to.

Okay, enough of my disclaimer and let’s get to my story.

The Confession:

Synopsis: Something strange is happening in the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Half of the town gone mysteriously grey; a heavy overlay of grey clouds constantly blocking out the sun. Now known as the Grey Area, crime is at an all time high, unsolved murders hitting an all time record; living in the Grey Area is asking for a death wish. For Mia, a 20 something college senior who’s desperate for a place to live, that’s just what she may have to take on. When Mia answers and ad for a roommate in the Grey Area, she discovers it’s an offer she can’t refuse. Living in a lavish gated community with it’s own shopping centers and schools, it seems like a place you would never have to leave. Little does Mia know, that’s exactly what it’s intended for. As Mia get’s to know her new roommate Gabriel, she soon learns all the rumors of the Grey Area are true. The Area is filled with Vampires, and Mia will soon learn that she’s roommates with one. 

So this story is about 10,221 words long. I actually got a head start on this, working on the story a few days head of the launch hence the reason for the length. This isn’t actually something I can just pull off in a day anymore. I can barely squeeze out 5,000 words. I also plan to turn this into a Createspace book so that there is also a print version available for anyone who wants a hard copy.

For now, you can have a read free of charge by clicking the link below.


Note: Publishing status on the story is pending. I will update as soon as they go live.

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My 90 Writing Challenge! Writing 3,000-10,000 words per day

My 90 Writing Challenge! Writing 3,000-10,000 words per day

Happy Nanowrimo!

Today is the day! I’m so excited about it. I want to thank everyone who is following me on this journey. It has been so difficult for me to start writing again, but this challenge is going to give me a good kick back into gear.

As you know I started publishing my novellas back in 2008. I have a hunger for writing and produced over novellas/short stories in the span of 5 years. Then I gave birth to Sophie. For 3 years I have not been able to write a lick of anything. My pregnancy was very difficult and then along with colic, some PPD on my end, and extreme tiredness, I simply just gave up on writing for this time. Not writing is also making me depressed lol!

So, now that my daughter is thriving and almost two, I’ve decided to get back in the game again. The only problem is I don’t have the luxuries of extended quiet time that I had back before I had a baby. Kicking out a 50,000 word novella is impossible now. I have tried and failed several times.  So, I’m going to be realistic. I’m striving for 3,000 words per day.

When I tried writing 10,000 words in a day, I also found that impossible. My baby is a toddler and I could barely make it past 4k-5k in a day.

The thing is, I love writing short stories. I also love writing my novellas as well, but there’s just something about a short story. An idea pops in my head each day and I just want to write it down.

Now, I am. For nine days, I’m going to retrain my brain to write. Writing is my career, and for 3 years I’ve set it aside. I need to re-discipline myself into a writers mind. So, for 90 days I’m going to do just that.

Some days I will succeed, some days I will fail, but whatever word count I make each day, I’m going to post. I’m also still going to do a vlog on each story to chronically my journey. I also already have a story finished for today, ready to post. I can’t wait to share it with you.

Tomorrow, I’m also going to show and produce my list of stories for the 90 period. Let’s see what I come up with. 🙂


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What I love about Monstroid-Template Monster Theme

What I love about Monstroid-Template Monster Theme

Back in early October, I received a free license thanks to the lovely people at Template Monster to test out the highly coveted Monstroid theme. I remember when the theme was first released, it had so many awesome features and I was dying to have it. I never purchased in the beginning due to learning that it was built on the cherryframework. I had problems with the framework in the past, but I decided to give this theme a chance. You all know how much I LOVE Divi, so using the Monstroid theme was quite a change for me. It was also a change that was much needed.

MotoPress Page Builder

The page builder comes absolutely free with the theme along with lifetime updates. I for one love this page builder and to know that it’s been included with the theme makes it all more awesome. I do prefer the Divi Page builder, but this is only because their front end page builder is easiest to use out of all the page builders I’ve used, including the visual composer.

gourmetcuisineChild Themes

Monstroid comes with over 15 child themes to choose from. So if you don’t want to start from scratch you have some awesome premade child themes to choose from. I decided to use the 1-click demo installation of the Gourmet Cuisine theme. The installation was quick and loaded without any issues.

Click here to view the Gourmet Cuisine Child Theme

Woocommerce Compatible

Now with Divi, I do love that their framework is woocommerce compatible, but with Monstroid, it’s not just compatible, it’s more efficient. The shop pages look more professional. With Divi, it seems more bulky and requires more fine tuning in the css code to get the theme to blend with anything else.


The Monstroid theme comes with many extensions. This is a good thing and a bad thing. I say this because you don’t want your WordPress theme bulked down with so many plugins. I would recommend that you use only the extensions needed for your site. However, it’s awesome to have access to so many much needed extensions. You will not get this many extensions with the Divi Theme.

Page Speed

I ran into no issues regarding page speed on the Monstroid Theme. The theme code seamless and the pages loaded quickly. The pages also run quite quickly with the Divi Theme, but I’ve noticed some lag from time to time with using Divi’s built in Slider.


While I never filled out one support ticket, I am fully aware of Template Monsters awesome support team. Any questions asked will be answered quickly and sometimes on the spot. The Template Monster team does anything they can do to help you.


I think this is where the Monstroid theme falls short and also why I never made that impulse purchase. For a single license it’s $79.00. That means you can only use the theme on one domain. Each theme installation requires activation. For a Developers license it’s $118.00. With Divi, the price is $69.00-$249. The difference is Divi holds yearly membership and you get access to all of their themes and plugins. For $249 and sometimes heavily discounted, you can get lifetime access to Divi and all of the themes and plugins from Elegant Themes. With Elegant themes, even if you only purchased their $69.00 membership, you get unlimited access. You can install the Divi theme on thousands of domains if you wished.

However, the price for a theme license is fair. If you visit places such as Themeforest, or Creative Market, you’ll end up paying the same amount for access to all of the features you see in Monstriod and probably more. I have also in the past seen the Monstroid theme appear in deal sites such as Appsumo at prices you can’t believe. Keep your eye out for the sales if you need to, they pop in randomly.


My biggest gripe about the Monstroid theme was the activation. When installing the theme, you couldn’t really activate and use any of the features until you put in your license code. Now I understand this, but I found it quite annoying that I had to search for the license code in order to use the theme. Usually most WordPress themes will install without a hitch and you’ll need your license code to receive updates. That was not the case with the Monstroid theme. It’s pretty much locked until you activate your license code.


Overall, I would definitely recommend this theme for developer use. Their child themes are extremely professional and the page builder is very easy to use.

Please click here check out the Monstroid Theme.

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Monstroid or Divi Which Is a Smarter Choice?

Monstroid or Divi Which Is a Smarter Choice?



If you are searching for a perfect template for your future website, this article will be rather helpful. Especially for those who like one-stop-shops or all-in-one solutions.

Today we will compare two multipurpose themes:

 Monstroid by TemplateMonster

Divi by Elegant Themes 


Both templates were developed by industry leaders, both of them are awesome examples of their efforts.

But which theme to choose? We will try to help you make the decision highlighting main strengths and weaknesses of both.


Monstroid is powered by Cherry Framework 4.0 and MotoPress drag-and-drop builder.

Divi is created around the Divi builder, which offers a simplistic approach to web design.

Both Monstroid and Divi offer a great number of child themes that cover the most popular business niches.



Main Monstroid features

Monstroid pack includes 100+ layered PSD files designed and optimized with the user in mind, which means that all pages of every Monstroid theme can be edited in Photoshop.

You can manage the look and feel of your site by means of multiple layout options that include boxed, full-width, with left or right sidebar or no sidebars at all.


The theme is responsive, so your WordPress site will quickly adapt to any gadget with any screen size the user has at hand at the moment. Text and images are flexible as well, so they will also be rendered correctly.

Parallax effect gives your visitors the feel of true immersion, an illusion of depth in 2D environments of your site.

Background video gives you a perfect opportunity to show off your best products in the interactive way.

Monstroid is shipped with multiple sliders on board. This means that you can choose between multiple slider plugins when crafting your pages. They include Cherry Simple Slider and premium MotoPress Slider coming with Monstroid for free.

Monstroid is equipped with font icons – scalable graphic elements that can be adjusted to different sizes without quality loss.

WordPress charts plugin lets you manage and embed interactive charts into your posts and pages.

Monstroid is equipped with installation wizard plugin. It allows to install all theme files without using FTP or file manager.

Thanks to theme settings backup you’ll be able to back up your settings and restore them at any moment.

Together with the theme you’ll get a number of premium plugins that are free for all Monstroid owners.

Mark the location of your company on the interactive Google map to make your online image more credible and give your customers a chance to quickly figure out the best way to get to your office.

Thanks to full social integration you can promote your website via social networks by linking your site to your social media profiles.

Monstroid is SEO, mobile & Google-friendly, which means that you can deliver your content through a SEO-optimized and highly ranked in Google Insights website.

Google analytics is included as well, so you will be able to get detailed insights of how visitors interact with your site and help them discover it easier.

The theme comes with 500+ Google web fonts. Change the styles of all fonts of the Monstroid-powered website through the Cherry Settings.

Monstroid supports third-party extensions, so you can extend your site’s capabilities using extensions like BuddyPress, bbPress, etc.

Shortcode Editor allows to create unlimited amount of shortcodes and call on any content anyhow you want.

Create custom headers and footers or remove them at all on certain pages if necessary with Static Area Builder.

Add more dynamic properties with LESS by means of variables, mixins, operations & functions – Dynamic CSS lets you do that.

Due to the Independent Modules all plugins included into the Monstroid pack can be used independently out of the framework.


CSS Compile/Minify plugin allows to unite multiple CSS files into a single file. This will improve overall site speed.

Monstroid has 7 variations of home page design. They include business, personal, blog, one-page, parallax, video, and landing pages.

Monstroid is integrated with WooCommerce, a powerful eCommerce platform. Its package includes a full set of eCommerce options and pre-designed pages. That’s how you can build a store out of the box. Simply replace the default content with your own.

Monstroid offers a set of beautifully designed pages like Portfolio, Contact us, Blog, Services, FAQ, Testimonials, Team, About, and so on. We won’t describe each and every page as this article will become too long to read. Please click here to get the full information about Monstroid multipurpose WordPress theme.

It’s time to talk about Divi. What are the main features its developers can be proud of?


Divi offers its owners a WYSIWYG editor that allows a developer see what the end result will look like while the interface is still being created.

It seems like Divi has elements for every occasion (from Accordion to Header).

Divi comes with over 20 pre-made layouts right out of the box.

You can save the pre-made Divi Layouts of your own in your Divi Library for later and then load them instantly on new pages.

Build new layouts with the Divi Builder and export / import them to new Divi websites. Divi developers have created dozens of beautiful layouts that you can download from their blog and install on your website.

Divi has an amazing community. When you use Divi, you become a part of the wonderfully helpful group of talented and friendly people.

Clients love Divi because it gives them the power to modify their content without having to learn the ins and outs of the confusing WordPress interface.

Divi is one of the rare themes that offer a comprehensive roles system. Limit what your clients can do in the Divi Builder to prevent them from messing up your design.

Divi has a huge support team dedicated to helping customers get the most out of the theme. If you run into any problem, they have your back.

Unlike some premium WordPress themes, Divi doesn’t require you to purchase additional licenses each time you build a new client website.

Divi has hundreds of customization options. All of them are available with live previews in the Theme Customizer.

Divi comes with a variety of header & footer options that allow you build really unique looking websites.

Divi’s theme options are easy to use thanks to its custom theme options panel. Here you can choose to enable Divi’s various features, upload your logo, add third party scripts and custom CSS, adjust your website’s color palette and more.

Divi comes with an integrated split testing and conversion rate optimization system backed by powerful stats and insights.

The theme is translated into 32 languages.


When you enable an RTL language within your WordPress Dashboard, Divi will automatically switch to RTL mode. Not only is the front-end website adjusted, but even the Divi builder interface has been fully customized for RTL users.

Divi team takes security seriously, which is why they partnered with

Read more about Divi .

As you see, both themes have much in common. They are real toolkits that are able to meet each and every web design need. However, there are some differences in themes’ features. View the infographics below and find out what they are.

It was created specifically for those who don’t like the long reads or just don’t have enough time for them.

View more about Monstroid

View more about Divi


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Nasty storm heading my way. Clients if I’m offline and miss appointments this is why

Nasty storm heading my way. Clients if I’m offline and miss appointments this is why

I have make sure this alert is posted. It’s getting really dark and the last time a storm like this passed my area I lost power for over 24 hours. I could not reach any of my clients and they were understandably angry last time. So, in hindsight I’m going to go ahead and post my weather report ahead of time. Remember, I have no control over the weather and these things happen from time to time. I will use my blog via my phone to keep everyone updated on my status, hopefully it passes through quickly. If I am offline, I encourage you to please send me emails and leave voice messages. I’ll return them as soon as I get back online. As a reminder if my power does go out, I will update this post.

Please click the image for full view of my status below:

Local Weather Alert



Update: 6:14pm. Power is down. I have alerted my energy company an waiting for an estimate of electricity restoration. I will try to update as many clients as possible. I am very sorry for this inconvenience.


Upate: 8:18pm. Estimated restoration time is tomorrow July 22 at 3:30pm.

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Sophie drives me nuts! But I love her anyway…

Sophie drives me nuts! But I love her anyway…

My little girl sure can be a terror when she wants to be. Though, that doesn’t change just how much I love her. She’s such a sweetheart, but when she wants something–oh boy! You’d better get out of her way!

Today, during a bathroom break, Sophie decided that she was going to color.


Thank goodness all it took was two pieces of try paper towel and it’s all gone.

Love you Sophie!


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Laptop Crashed, Joining Freelancer.Com, Blue Dusk Publishing, Launching Youtube Channel

Laptop Crashed, Joining Freelancer.Com, Blue Dusk Publishing, Launching Youtube Channel


So much has happened over the last week. First, my precious laptop died. My motherboard died out and they want to charge me more than it’s worth to repair. So, I told the Geek Squad at Best Buy to pull the hard drive and make it external. Still waiting for them to get back to me. Files are confirmed to be there, thank God, but Geek Squad is so backed up I have to wait days just to get a backup lol. My ebooks and stories are all on that hard drive so I’m stuck waiting. Thankfully, I have print copies of everything. The bad side is the anxiety of waiting to get my files back. I’ve learned a big lesson. BACK UP EVERYTHING 3 times lol. In the cloud, on an external, and then another external.

So, while I’m waiting I’m checking out I never gave the site a chance, but I’m thinking about doing it now. I made so much money on Elance/Upwork that I’m really itching to see what Freelancer can offer me.

I’m also launching my YouTube Channel today, called JenSimmer. I just found out that I can’t have a custom link until I reach 100 subs. Oh I’m so bummed about that, but oh well I’m definitely going to figure something out. I purchased Action Mirrillis, and Fraps last night, so I’m looking forward to making my let’s plays. Still there is much to do, but I see where I can get enough subs fast so I can make a custom YouTube link to my channel.

Now, it’s time to shop for a new laptop and computer. May the fun begin. Will update in a few days once I get everything sorted. 🙂

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Today is the Simathon for the SimsPlayhouse. Today, I’ll be streaming Sims 4 in honor of Simsplayhouse birthday. I’m hoping to get in at least 4-6 hours of game play. I have a couple of clients to work with, plus I’m finishing up on making final tweaks to this site and setting up the last of my pricing tables.

Once my site is 100% complete, then I’ll head over and get to the hard part: SEO. I think I may also host a few giveaways to build up my portfolio. I realize I’ve signed way too many NDA’s over the last two years and now I can’t use the sites I developed as a reference. Need to build my visual portfolio up.

I’ve also opened a new Facebook Fan Page. I have social media promotion, but it’s necessary, so I’m getting back into that as well. Spending my weekend 90% focused on getting my publishing company off the ground and guest posting on several blogs regarding my services.  I have 1-2 clients that I have to work with over the weekend plus it’s Super Bowl weekend, and I’m talking my daughter to the mall Sunday. It’s going to be an insane busy weekend, but overall an exciting one.

Looking forward to getting this passive income flowing regularly so that I can finally relax and just enjoy some me time and spend more quality time with my daughter.

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Reached 100 Sales on Etsy

Reached 100 Sales on Etsy

I’m not sure how I managed to pull it off, but I did it. I set a goal in January that if I did not reach 100 sales by February first, I was closing my etsy shop down for good. Well, as of Feb 1, I am at 109 sales! I started out at 60 sales in January and it took me two years to get that 60 sales.

Here are some things I did in January to gain those 49 sales.

  • Etsy Teams: It was a pain in the ass to play those etsy promotion games. I joined about 10 teams and I also joined some promotion facebook groups. I played the games just about every day. Games like post one product then favorite five, favorite five shops above you, etc. It was exhausting.
  • Gained 200 favorites (There is a rumor or urban legend if you can get over 200 shop favorites you rise in ranks in the SEO of Etsy search). That rumor may or may not be true. However, this may be the explanation as to why I gained so many sales in just 30 days.
  • SEO. I revamped all of my titles and tags.
  • Add more products. During January, I worked hard to build more products for my shop. I have just over 617 products that I sell on my etsy shop.

Want to see my shop?

Looks like Free Printables is going to be open for another year.

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Many New Updates

Many New Updates

So, I think I’ve pretty much figured out my plan for 2016. Going to map out my journey to passive income so that I can work less hours and spend more time at home with my daughter. I have many ideas and through the year I’m going to journal everything here on my blog.

Shopify stores:

I’ve actually run a few tests on the shopify platform and it’s been a success. The first site is, where you can get a beautiful looking ebook cover for an affordable price. I’ve already sold 6 covers within the first 30 days, generating $60.00. So, I’ve decided I’m going to keep that shopify store and open two others. The only issue I have with shopify is that shey don’t have many templates that cater to digital sales. Looks like I’m going to have to put in extra work to design my shops.

Blue Dusk Publishing

Launching in March, the goal is to release all 78 of the eBooks I’ve written over the year 2015. Adding another 25-30 short stories to the list during 2016 and I should be able to generate a good amount of passive income this way.


I’ve stated time and time again that I’m quitting etsy due to lack of sales, but with putting in work on my shop, I’m very close to 100 sales. So, I’m going to keep the shop open for now. I’ll list my journey on my etsy shop once I’ve hit 100 sales.


I’m working on some WordPress themes of my own, and I plan to list them for sale on sellfy. I already have a few for sale on etsy, but I don’t promote enough to generate sales.


Oh yes, this is the big one here. Where on earth do I find the time to game? I don’t know, but I do. I have my twitch stream ready to go, and I also have a ton of let’s plays that I plan to upload here for everyone to view. I’ll also be holding giveaways and challenges on my stream and let’s plays so please check them out. I actually plan to do a live stream tonight. 🙂

Video tutorials:

Hopefully this will boost my WordPress Design service. I’m going to make several tutorials on how to design a WordPress site with little to no code. I’m very excited about this, and I’ll be using the genesis framework to do my tutorials.

Life as a stay at home mom:

It’s difficult, but it’s also very rewarding. I love spending time at home with my daughter. I’m also very exciting about sharing my journey raising her. I learn new things daily as a new mom.


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Leaving Upwork!

Leaving Upwork!

It’s official. I’ve made the decision to leave the Upwork platform, it’s just not for me. I did merge over from Elance, and landed a few jobs, but I just cannot handle starting from scratch. There’s one thing Upwork has more than Elance and any other platform: Low balling job offers. Unfortunately, I cannot work 5-6 hour jobs for $5.00. Not only that, once escrow is released, I have to wait an additional 6 days to get my money. I’m sure as time goes, Upwork will become a better platform and then I may just consider returning. Until then, no no no no no! It’s not for me. I’m leaving my profile up so that others can view my references, but you will not find me there. I don’t even sign into Upwork anymore.

The best way to reach me is here on my blog. I’ve updated my packages as well. You can also find me. Check the footer of this page for my skype information.

I’ve been relying on a platform to gain clients for far too long. It’s time for me to stop being afraid and start a new chapter, gaining clients myself. Not only will I make more money, but I’ll be able to take charge of my life, not restricted to the policies of Elance and Upwork. This is my journey as a Freelancer who has worked on both platforms since April 2011. I will blog about my progress.

I’ve finally opened up the Hire Me section on my site, where you can purchase packages of my services. I’m currently using invoicing through Freshbooks, accepting Paypal payments and credit card payments.

I’m also stream on twitch. I’ll probably be offline from twitch for about a week or so, only due to upgrading my computer so that I can stream better. Working on screen cast tutorials to help drive more traffic here as well. I’m excited about taking this new leap and I hope those who are interested in working from home are able to take notes and apply them to their own journey.

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