I’ve been off my blog for over 3 months now and I’m so sorry about that. It all started with my T-shirt business at JenshandmadeCo. As most of us all know, 90% of Etsy startups don’t get their first sale until 2-4 months after opening. That certainly was not the case with me. I ended up getting daily sales and my orders were about 1-3 t-shirts per order. I have been extremely busy, working 18 hour days, not to mention I still have my part-time job, plus I have returned back to UpWork for full-time work.  I’ve reached the point of exhaustion, but my hard work has paid off. Sadly, I had to neglect my blog and daily freebies to reach my goal. However, the good news is that my life is getting back on track and I’m in a very happy place. I’ll be putting in my two-week notice to my part-time job so that I can dedicate my time to my Two Etsy shops, building my brand, and getting back to a Top Rated Freelancer on UpWork.  Also, My Etsy shop for my SVG Cut Files is open, but I have not put much work into that, but I will be making updates to the shop today and tomorrow.



I will be going back from today 4/16/2017, to January 12, 2017 and updating with a blog post, giving you daily free printables. They will be mostly sticker sheets and SVG Cut Files. I will also be accepting everyone who has requested to join my Facebook group and updating the files section there. Jens SVG Cut Files Database may not open for another week or two, because I don’t know what my work schedule is for my part-time job. I’m supposed to be cut down to two days a week, but I don’t think that’s going to happen right away. I will find out by tomorrow.

A couple of links I want to leave you with along with my update video.

I have a branded website coming soon for my T-shirt business


My Etsy Shop for JenshandmadeCo.


Jens SVG Cut Files Etsy Shop


Jens SVG Cut Files Branded Database


My UpWork Profile



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