I was feeling a bit romantic when I made these. Actually, I was watching Twilight’s Eclipse on OnDemand which inspired these overlays. Today, I’m feeling a bit better, but sad that I have to work my part-time job today. I don’t know, I just don’t like that job for some reason LOL! Maybe it’s the terrible training I have received which is a setup for failure, or the constant write-ups or the threats to be fired jokingly for clocking in two-minutes late, being disciplined for mistakes I was NOT trained not to make, or maybe it’s just me being judgmental about the job.

Anyhoo, all is love today. My daughter is being somewhat of a terror, but that’s because she get’s bored quickly. I’ll give her something to entertain her and she’s bored within in 5 minutes. Not to mention, she’s attached to crayons right now, and her drawings are more important in places other than the floor.

Which is why I’m cutting this post short, because today I’m feeling like my head is going to fall off my shoulders. I need to get her down for a nap and pray I don’t pass out with her :-).

Here are the files. They are in 300dpi and in .png format. You can use them on coffee mugs, greeting cards, blogs, websites, t-shirts, and more.

Commercial usage: Please see my policy page for more information.

Untitled-12 Untitled-13 Untitled-14 Untitled-15 Untitled-16 Untitled-17 Untitled-18 Untitled-19 Untitled-20

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