A few months ago, I created a Etsy shop called “free printables”. Etsy is a very difficult market to break into and it turns out it just wasn’t for me. I am a digital artist, so 90% of my sales were digital. I have over 1,000 printables that I designed for my shop. So, since they are just sitting on my desktop taking up space, I decided to go ahead and start uploading them to my blog as a freebie.

One item I love that’s sold on Etsy is the Printable Wall Art. You can totally decorate your house by purchasing a printable for under five dollars. I created a Facebook page called “Free Printables” and even thought it’s been dormant for the past few months, people are still randomly linking the page.

So, to keep it active, I’m going to post about 5-10 printables a day. If you have any special requests, please fill out the form on the contact me page and I’ll add it to the queue.


Note: These printables are designed by me “Jennifer Hampton”. I do give you permission to download and use for commercial purposes. That means for print, or in your digital designs. You must alter them enough so that the work becomes your own. Please do not take my files and load them into etsy as a printable for sale. At least alter them a bit.


Here is the first free printable.  One is a jpg and the other is a transparent .png. All files are 300 dpi for printing.

talkdoesntcookrice  talkdoesntcookrice


Download The PSD file

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