Hello everyone!

I have been very sick the past couple of days which is why I haven’t posted anything. Plus Etsy is super dead lately even with online promotion, I have no idea what’s going on but it’s super annoying. Thankfully, I have other streams of income coming in 7 different ways, but I can definitely understand why people are upset about.  Especially those who depend on Etsy for sales regularly.

Anyways, enough about that. I have a free printable for you today. This file is perfect for Cricut users. Please remember you need a more recent version of Photoshop in order to use this file. It uses smart object layers. If you have a legacy version of Photoshop, smart objects will not be supported.

This file is for the Classic Medium Sized Happy Planner. I used hearts for the check boxes. Please watch my  YouTube video on how you can style the hearts to make them look nice. Also, I plan to update this file later on in the future to where you can pop in patterns for the hearts via smart objects, but as of now, I’m only offering color changes. I will update this file at a later date.


As always, this file is 100% free for PERSONAL USAGE ONLY. If you plan to use this file commercially, please purchase a commercial license via my Etsy shop.


Commercial License



Here are some images of how I used the file:

Here is a video tutorial on how to use:


Download free for personal usage here:

Download Free For Personal Usage


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