I know I’ve been off the grid when it comes to my blog the past two months. It’s been a little tough trying to get over the flu. Once I did, a sinus infection followed right after. Definitely sucked. On a side note, some great things happened in between. I kept busy with my Etsy shop, and I also put my daughter in Daycare 2-3 days a week, five hours a day.

I have to say that much needed break has done WONDERS not only for my physical health, but also my mental health as well.

Another surprise, I also got married April 13, 2018. It was a very excited, impromptu moment. It was not planned at all. I had been with my fiance at the time for 5.5 years and a few days prior we just decided to to it. A small courthouse wedding and dinner after. I’m a very happy woman.

So, some big changes are going to be made this summer. Firstly, I’ll have to do some re-branding due to the name change. Then, I’ll introduce some new features I plan to add. Especially, Stickers By Jen and Jens Book Covers, and Jens Ebooks (the ebook store name is still in the works). Two new shops I’ll be adding to my little empire.  The plan is to slowly move off the Etsy platform. I still plan to keep it. It’s good to stay in as many marketplaces as you can, but I’m enjoying the freedom making money without it.


Alright, so enough with that life update and let’s get you today’s freebie! Today, I’m introducing to you some basic planner headers for your Classic Happy Planner and Erin Condren Planner. It’s not much to this template, just a basic style that you can easily edit in Photoshop. This comes in a PSD that’s fully editable from the colors, fonts, and you can replace the sampler stickers along with my logo to something more fitting for yourself.

The size of this mini kit is 4 inches wide by 3 inches in height. It’s perfect for a mini and you can also group up to 4 I believe (not sure on this yet) on your cricut machine.

I have a video tutorial for you here:

Here are some lovely designs I made with the template:

Download The file free for personal usage:

Click Here To Download


Purchase a commerical license by donating here:



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