Etsy has been so slow lately, that I literally had to take time off my blog to do some super promoting. Playing Etsy games (others would say you shouldn’t play the games but I do because it works for me), promoting on social media, and making more videos for my YouTube channel. I just bought the last of my stock for my Etsy shop that’s closing. I’m so excited lol! I have a few loose ends to pick up for some of my other customers, but seriously it’s almost over. I will be putting the shop on vacation mode officially on January 27th, where I’ll be concentrating on finishing up the last of my orders and on Feb 1, I will be 100% officially closed. SO excited to start the next chapter.

Anyhoo, I wanted to introduce to you today a new file and I wanted to also post a video to show you how it works. This file is perfect for the Classic medium sized Happy Planner. The file works with Photoshop so you’ll need a more recent version in order to use it. You can open the file in Gimp and Photoshop Elements, but I am not sure if the smart objects will work and you’ll need that in order to utilize the file.

This file is 100% free for personal usage. Commercial licensing is allowed, but I do ask that you pay for a commercial license. It’s only $2.00 in my Etsy shop.

Here is the link for Commercial License

Here is the tutorial video


Download Free For Personal Usage





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