Hello! I know I’ve been offline for a spell, actually a good six months! I had the worst year health wise. I went from the flu, to a sinus infection, to a 3-4 month sting of bronchitis. I didn’t think I would ever get better. Right after that, I have to get two hernias repaired which also cut my time online in half.

Now I’m back, pretty much recovered and taking extra care of my immune system this year. My goodness, I don’t think I can take another year of that again lol!

So today, I want to introduce to you a new planner sticker template I created. I’ll be honest, I don’t really like it all that much. I think the white layer is a little off. I was trying to feed my daughter while working on it so I wasn’t giving this template any attention to detail. ūüôā

By the time I finished the design, I said forget it lol. The good thing is that this design is completely layered so it can be fixed. If I get some free time, I’ll edit this template and make sure each halfbox/fullbox gets an even white layer. In the meantime, I believe I gave a little example on how to move the layer boxes to adjust them so that they are even. If you are OCD, I apologize because the uneven boxes will DRIVE YOU NUTS. Feel free to edit this template to your liking. I made sure that it’s fully editable for you.

With all of that said, I also want to tell you that this template will be 100% free to download for not only personal usage, but commercial usage as well. Feel free to use this template to your liking.

How To Use This Template

Please see the video posted below on how to use as well as the video examples. As I stated in the video, this design was built in Photoshop CC 2018 using Smart Objects. I cannot stress this enough. You need to have an updated version of Photoshop (NOT PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS) that supports Smart Object layers. Yes the PSD will open in any software that supports PSDs, however, you will get an error upon opening. Why? Because the Smart Object layers are needed to work. Please keep this in mind. I believe Smart Objects were introduced in Photoshop CS6 and up.

Uploading to Cricut Design Space:

So, once you save as a .png file and upload to design space, we all know that design pretty much blows up to almost double the size once you load it into design space. What you have to do is go click the lock tool in the width/height section and unlock. Then reduce the size to 9.25 width by 6.75 height. The boxes will resize appropriately and work properly.

Here is the test design I created with the template. It is a .png file. Download it here so that you can test upload to design space, set the size to 9.25×6.75 and run a test print/cut.

Watch the tutorial video here:


Download Free for Commercial Usage/Personal Usage:

Click Here To Download



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