I’m exhausted, but I am happy that I could kick out 3k words today. I’m hoping that sometime next week I can get the insanity down and actually get some work done. Finally feeling a bit better, but I am behind approximately 1 week in my writing. So, it looks like I’ll be making up for that by posting some of my artwork all of next week. I was just too sick to get any writing done, plus I don’t know but it seems like my daughter was also extra difficult to deal with while I was sick which made it even more difficult to get some work done.

Alright, so the title of this story is called Dinner With The Devil. The story sort of goes with the title.

Synopsis: Cassie, a young high school teacher makes up for her single lonely life by burying herself in her work. She’s devastated and lost her trust in men, due to the infidelity of her ex. When her best friend Alley encourages her to move on, Cassie decides on impulse to take up an offer to date someone online. When she meets Caleb, he’s everything in more. However, Cassie is completely unaware that she has a dinner date with a Vampire.



I will post links when the story goes live.


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