A Big HELLO from Jen!

In early 2017, I started off as just a girl with a Cricut Machine and an idea. A USED Cricut Machine lol! I purchased one off the Letgo app for $80.00. It was a Cricut Explore.  Working a part-time job, I was looking for ways to supplement my income online so that I could go back to being a full-time stay at home mom to my daughter. Originally, I worked from home as a freelance web developer, but once I had my daughter, my time became very limited.


Spending time on Etsy, and various websites, I noticed that I could put my graphic design skills to use and the many fonts I’ve purchased commercial licenses for during the years to create cut files for my machine. I was able to find several databases online that had free cut files, but not many. At first, my only desire was to open my t-shirt shop after many months of research. Once that shop was opened, I realized I was WAY more work than I expected. I made over $36,000 in sales in 2017 and I was completely burnt out.


So I closed my t-shirt shop. Sitting around with over 2,000 designs that I created myself, I decided to put my web design skills to use and build a database. Crafters love a DIY project and I had a ton of fun making these t-shirt designs, so why not list them for free.


This is how JensSVGCutFiles came to be. Cricut owners or anyone with a Die Cutting Machine may download my files 100% free for commercial usage, and limited to 50 free downloads per day (daily limits on downloads are to preserve bandwidth).


Not only will you be able to download free SVG Cut Files, you can also checkout my Planner printable stickers. I am a huge Happy Planner fan and I really enjoy decorating my planners, along with designing free sticker printables for you to use.


This site is designed for the crafter-diy specialist in mind. 🙂 Thank you so much for visiting, and please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.