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90 Day Writing Challenge-Day 5: Thirsty

90 Day Writing Challenge-Day 5: Thirsty

So, today may be the last short story I post for a week.  I desperately need to catch up as being sick totally took me offline. I do however, have some artwork that I was hoping to get off my hard drive and put into eBooks with free download offers. I have thousands of them and I don’t plan to post them, so why not online. Looks like I will be kicking out two short stories per day. I’m hoping I can manage at least 6,000 words per day just to catch up, or more.

This story is called: Thirsty.

Synopsis: Chloe, a very ancient and old Vampire has grown tired of humanity. While in search for a companion to make her days of eternity more tolerable, she teams up with a younger Vampire named Charon, who runs her very own fashion magazine. There’s only one problem. Charon’s followers are beginning to notice that she’s not aging. Now that she must go underground, Chloe is left to help run her business. There’s only one problem. Chloe is thirsty for love. When Peter, a young college student desperate for cash enters her night club, Charon sees the opportunity to get Chloe’s head back in the game, and Peter’s blood is exactly what Chloe needs. 



I will post links once the story is live.

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