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90 Day Writing Challenge: Day 4-The Mail Ordered Bride

90 Day Writing Challenge: Day 4-The Mail Ordered Bride

Today was a victory, but I’m disappointed in my word count. I was really hoping for at least 5,000 words, but I was just too exhausted. My daughter seems to be going through some sort of phase and I have to say it’s really driving me nuts. I can’t wait until she can start school. I can manage with 5 hours of alone time 3-4 days a week, but right now I’m not even getting that. Oh well, let me stop complaining.

So, this story actually took me two days to write. Two days to write a 3k short story. That is pitiful in my book. Still a success that I was able to get it done. A problem I’m having right now is that I’m fighting a very bad cold for the second time this year.  The story is called The Mail Ordered Bride, though I don’t think the title fits.

Synopsis: Stuck with the burden to take care of her family, Emily must marry a man she doesn’t love. Daniel Copperstone; she’s known him her entire life, but has no interest in him whatsoever. However, Emily is more than willing to honor her duty and marry Daniel to take care of her family. When she finally gets to know Daniel personally, she’s instantly swept off her feet. However, Daniel’s family has deep dark secrets of their own and it leave Emily wondering if it’s another burden she can carry.


I will post links once the story goes live.

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