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90 Day Writing Challenge-Day 2: Pen Pals

90 Day Writing Challenge-Day 2: Pen Pals

So I had somewhat of a difficult time today getting this story out. I could only squeeze out 3,00o + words, but that was mostly because I am still sick. Goodness, I really wish I could kick this cold. There is one thing I never considered. The publishing times that it would take to actually get the books formatted properly and uploaded to the distributors. Man, getting back into this really makes me feel rusty lol.

I’d like to present this quick short read. I’m calling it Pen Pals. It’s an odd title for a Werewolf short story, but I’m following a list of titles I drew up back in 2014.

Synopsis: Erica’s going through a difficult transition. When her best friend Mable is sent off to rehab, she must learn to live without her. Deciding to bury herself in her small business, Erica soon encounters a strange Pen Pal at random. When her Pen Pal’s online efforts do not work, the Pen Pal decides to take other methods of reaching out to her. Erica has a destiny and it goes far beyond what she knows.  

Here is the cover below. I’ll post the links to where you can download and read the stories once they are live. I’m praying I can squeeze out at least 5k-10k words tomorrow, especially since I don’t have much going on other than doing my daughters hair.



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