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90 Day Writing Challenge-Day 1: The Confession

90 Day Writing Challenge-Day 1: The Confession

Okay so as a rule of thumb, I’ll be writing under two different names. The first name is under Jen Hampton, which will contain my fictional less raunchy stories, and the other will be Jenna James, which will contain all of my erotic stories.

During this 90 day challenge I’m going to be writing whatever pops in my head. If it’s a cute children’s story I’m going to write it. A suspenseful paranormal teen romance, I’m not going to spare it. If it’s a raunchy hot steamy erotic short, I’m going all in. I will make sure I have disclaimers for everything so that you don’t end up reading something you don’t want to.

Okay, enough of my disclaimer and let’s get to my story.

The Confession:

Synopsis: Something strange is happening in the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Half of the town gone mysteriously grey; a heavy overlay of grey clouds constantly blocking out the sun. Now known as the Grey Area, crime is at an all time high, unsolved murders hitting an all time record; living in the Grey Area is asking for a death wish. For Mia, a 20 something college senior who’s desperate for a place to live, that’s just what she may have to take on. When Mia answers and ad for a roommate in the Grey Area, she discovers it’s an offer she can’t refuse. Living in a lavish gated community with it’s own shopping centers and schools, it seems like a place you would never have to leave. Little does Mia know, that’s exactly what it’s intended for. As Mia get’s to know her new roommate Gabriel, she soon learns all the rumors of the Grey Area are true. The Area is filled with Vampires, and Mia will soon learn that she’s roommates with one. 

So this story is about 10,221 words long. I actually got a head start on this, working on the story a few days head of the launch hence the reason for the length. This isn’t actually something I can just pull off in a day anymore. I can barely squeeze out 5,000 words. I also plan to turn this into a Createspace book so that there is also a print version available for anyone who wants a hard copy.

For now, you can have a read free of charge by clicking the link below.


Note: Publishing status on the story is pending. I will update as soon as they go live.

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